Dear Jen,

Ugggg.  I have such a heavy heart.  I wish I could talk to you so badly right now.

Today my Daydream wanted to wear a particular pair of socks but I told him that I could only find one.  No problem, he chose another pair.  In my mind I remembered how I had put various socks in the wash a month or so ago and about 4 of them did not come out.  4 pairs of socks missing a mate!  Craziness.  Our machine has eaten socks before and only been found when the repair man took apart the machine to fix it and found them inside.  So I knew that was where they were but figured we would probably never see them again.  Then, as I was taking out a load of the kids’ laundry tonight and sorting it between baskets, what did I find?  All 4 missing socks!

I can’t believe that is just a coincidence.  Instead, I choose to believe it was you.  Why you would choose to fish my children’s missing socks out of the depths of our machine is beyond me but I’m glad you did, so thank you.  I don’t think I believe in coincidences all the time anymore.  Maybe sometimes, but some crazy shit has happened that makes me think it something else.

How would the medium have know the thought that went through my head right before I walked out the door to go see him?  I didn’t say a word about it to anyone.  Yet he repeated it to me almost verbatim.  He said you were there with me in that moment and I believe him.  I choose to believe because it makes sense to me and it makes me feel less alone.

Please take my prayers to you and use them well.

I love you and miss you each and every day, always and forever.

Love, me.

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